I have manymanymanymanyMANY interests. Some are obsessions, some are passions, some are simply loves, and some are but passing fancies. This is the section where I'm going to discuss some of them. I may very well expand this later, but for now a single page should suffice.

Books - I love books. I love some classic literature, I love some modern literature, and I love a lot of random things inbetween. Just an example of one of my "obsession"s is the Harry Potter series. On July 15th (my birthday) of 2006, I was at Barnes and Noble with a few friends and my little brother at around 10pm for the midnight release of the sixth book. I also went to the midnight releases in for both the fifth movie and the final book, and the midnight releases for the third and fourth movies. I finally broke down for Halloween a few years ago and started piecing together my Ravenclaw costume for the final movie releases.

Some other favorites include both